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Innovative Carbide Serving the Ammunition & Defense Market for Over 30 Years

Ammunition and Defense industries rely on materials consistency in order to meet their customers’ demand for precision and quality products. That’s why they look to Innovative Carbide as a dependable partner in carbide ammunition tooling.

Innovative Carbide’s exclusive “no-wax process” reduces tooling wear and increases production runtime.

Other carbide producers add wax to their product in an attempt to make machining easier in the pre-sintered state. Innovative Carbide’s team recognized long ago that if not fully removed, wax contaminates carbide, causing porosity and carbon control problems that contribute to chipping during tooling and premature part failure. Innovative Carbide’s “no-wax process” guarantees consistent material quality with dependable properties, superior strength, and the capability to achieve a high-quality, polished finish.

By collaborating with our customers, Innovative Carbide provides creative solutions for the ammunition and defense industry’s toughest manufacturing challenges. We offer the manufacturing, engineering, and applications expertise to determine specific material, process, and product design to improve your productivity and profitability.

To learn more about our tungsten carbide preform offerings and services unique to the Ammunition & Defense markets, download our Innovative Carbide brochure.

Ammunition & Defense Dies and Carbide Preforms

Because all of our carbide grades are manufactured in-house and are American-made, we’re proud to provide the highest quality products in premium grades for our customers. We control the process from powder to preform, which means that our superior quality tungsten carbide dies consistently outperform our competitors’ products.

Products we provide for the Ammunition & Defense market include:

Carbide molds and dies for bullets

Different Grades of Tungsten Carbide We Offer

Innovative Carbide knows that every tungsten carbide application is unique. We offer a wide range of superior quality proprietary grades to meet your specific needs.

Using a thorough and exacting process for manufacturing our tungsten carbide grades, we pay strict attention to detail. This ensures excellence from conception to the final product.

We guarantee the highest material quality and consistency of our products. We do this with our ISO 9001:2015 Certification manufacturing process so that our customers get the industry’s best quality carbide available.

Our Services

As your partner, Innovative Carbide provides reliable cost-effective solutions to your most demanding wear applications.

Group of Ammunition and Defense casings on a table
multiple bullet and ammunition molds
Metal and carbide bullet and casing pieces
Group of Ammunition and Defense casings

Contact us for a quote or to speak with one of Innovative Carbide’s product and process experts. We’re always ready and able to discuss your specialized needs.