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Ammunition & Defense 

The Ammunition and Defense industries are in a continuous state of evolution. With the constant development of new calibers and technologies, you need a reliable provider who understands the unique requirements of your industries and has the capabilities and the know-how to deliver quickly and efficiently.

Because all of our carbide grades are manufactured in-house and are American-made, we’re able to provide the highest quality products for our customers. Count on Innovative Carbide for low and high-volume parts production. Our range of products range from ammunition dies and molds to forging hammers, all for higher-wear/impact environments. 

Products we provide for this industry include:

  • Ammunition Dies
  • Forging hammers for barrels
  • Forging mandrels
  • Master bolt heads
  • Molds
  • Variety of tooling for high-wear/impact environments

Contact us for a quote, or to speak to one of Innovative Carbide’s product and process experts.