Concrete Roof Tile Tooling

Innovative Carbide has supplied the concrete roof tile tooling industry for more than 30 years. Our high-quality preforms are proven to support manufacturers around the world. With a team of experienced engineers and manufacturing experts, we strive to meet the needs of the growing building industry.
roof tile manufacturing components by innovative carbide

Concrete Roof Tile Tooling Preforms

Innovative Carbide manufactures a wide variety of concrete roof tile tooling and preforms from tungsten carbide. We can supply carbide blanks, preforms, finished assemblies, and steel tooling to support any requirement.

Our product range includes:
With these products, our customers manufacture:
concrete roof tile tooling

A Wide Variety of Tungsten Carbide Grades Available

Innovative Carbide provides a wide variety of superior quality, proprietary tungsten carbide grades to support any application.

You can find a complete chart of all our tungsten carbide grades here. Innovative Carbide has a state-of-the-art 60,000 square-foot facility that ensures you get the quality roof tile tooling you expect. Our engineering team works with customers from every industry, and our proprietary, “no-wax process” eliminates many of the quality issues that traditional dies and tool manufacturing techniques present.

Different Grades of Tungsten Carbide We Offer

Innovative Carbide knows that every tungsten carbide application is unique. We offer a wide range of superior quality proprietary grades to meet your specific needs.

Using a thorough and exacting process for manufacturing our tungsten carbide grades, we pay strict attention to detail. This ensures excellence from conception to the final product.

We guarantee the highest material quality and consistency of our products. We do this with our ISO 9001:2015 Certification manufacturing process so that our customers get the industry’s best quality carbide available.

Our Services

As your partner, Innovative Carbide provides reliable cost-effective solutions to your most demanding wear applications.

Employee drilling box closed containing concrete roofing tiles
Concrete Roof Tile Tooling
Prototypes of carbide wear parts for roof tiles
Concrete Roofing tiles in wooden box

For more information about our roof tile tooling capabilities, reach out to one of Innovative Carbide’s experts today.