Carbide Die Preforms for Container Tooling

Here at Innovative Carbide, we are a major supplier of carbide die preforms for the container tooling industry.

We competitively price out tungsten carbide grades, deliver consistent product quality, and we do it using our exclusive no-wax process. That is what gives us an advantage over our competition who use traditional tungsten carbide manufacturing.

We meet the most rigorous specifications within our industry, giving us the capabilities of long production runs. That is why Innovative Carbide remains the reliable and consistent supplier to container tooling fabricators for over 30 years.

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How Our Carbide Dies are Used in Container Tooling

At Innovative Carbide, we work extensively with our customers to provide the highest quality carbide dies to meet their production requirements. Various stages of the food and beverage container machining process use our carbide die preforms, including:

Carbide Die Preforms for Container Tooling

Carbide Dies for Container Tooling

We manufacture a wide range of container tooling carbide dies. Our products include custom complex shapes to meet the needs of our customers. We excel at producing precise tungsten carbide preforms with minimum grind stock. We do this while maintaining consistency in our product quality with a quick response time. That way, you can remain on schedule to meet production demands at your facility.

At Innovative Carbide, we have extensive expertise in manufacturing:

Different Grades of Tungsten Carbide We Offer

Innovative Carbide knows that every tungsten carbide application is unique. We offer a wide range of superior quality proprietary grades to meet your specific needs.

Using a thorough and exacting process for manufacturing our tungsten carbide grades, we pay strict attention to detail. This ensures excellence from conception to the final product.

We guarantee the highest material quality and consistency of our products. We do this with our ISO 9001:2015 Certification manufacturing process so that our customers get the industry’s best quality carbide available.

Our Services

As your partner, Innovative Carbide provides reliable cost-effective solutions to your most demanding wear applications.

Carbide Die Preforms for Container Tooling
Carbide Die Preforms for Container Tooling
Compressed carbide fittings
Carbide Die Preforms for Container Tooling

Contact us for a quote or to speak with one of Innovative Carbide’s product and process experts. We’re always ready and able to discuss your specialized needs.