Carbide Wear Parts

To succeed in the harshest environments, you need high-quality carbide wear parts. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing engineered tungsten carbide wear parts, Innovative Carbide can support all your operations across industries and in the most challenging applications.

We use a unique no-wax process during manufacturing to improve the quality of the parts by eliminating pit and porosity problems resulting in improved part consistency and cost savings during grinding. Innovative Carbide produces strong, durable, and long-lasting carbide products for any industry. Our tooling is stronger and provides more durable edge strength, resulting in less downtime, greater productivity, and increased profits for your company.

Carbide Wear Parts and Components

We provide a quick turnaround for any custom orders and can work with you to ensure the parts will stand up to the environment and conditions you need.

Our standard carbide wear parts include:

Different Grades of Tungsten Carbide We Offer

Innovative Carbide knows that every tungsten carbide application is unique. We offer a wide range of superior quality proprietary grades to meet your specific needs.

Using a thorough and exacting process for manufacturing our tungsten carbide grades, we pay strict attention to detail. This ensures excellence from conception to the final product.

We guarantee the highest material quality and consistency of our products. We do this with our ISO 9001:2015 Certification manufacturing process so that our customers get the industry’s best quality carbide available.

A Proven Commitment to Quality Carbide Wear Parts

We’ve developed an exclusive no-wax part manufacturing process over our 30 years in the industry. Our approach improves material consistency and part reliability by reducing carbide control problems, shrinkage, and porosity.

By not adding wax and binders to the carbide powders, we can improve the strength of the powder compact.

The challenges that our process addresses are:

Our Services

As your partner, Innovative Carbide provides reliable cost-effective solutions to your most demanding wear applications.

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