Material Analysis Services

At Innovative Carbide, we have designed our business to be as responsive to your needs as possible. By partnering with our customers, we collaborate to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions to your toughest manufacturing challenges. From material analysis and semi-finished parts production to carbide recycling, Innovative Carbide offers a range of services to support your business.

Some of Our Services Include:

semi-finished carbide parts

Semi-Finished Parts Production

Although Innovative Carbide does not perform in-house finished grinding work, we have built a network with qualified local grind shops to provide semi-finished and finished parts according to your specifications. From utility grinds to high polishes and complex EDM shaping, our partners can meet your exacting specifications. Just send us your part print, and we will provide you with a quotation based on your specific requirements.
Close up of machine working on carbide part

Analysis of Parts

As a value-added service to our customers, we can provide a complete analysis of any tungsten carbide material. Whether you are experiencing failure due to wear or impact problems, or need to know the exact carbide composition of a part that performs well, contact us and we will schedule a detailed material analysis.
Employee at innovative carbide working

Reverse Engineering

Don’t have a print? We have the experience and expertise to reverse engineer your part. For more information, contact us.
pile of carbide scraps

Carbide Recycling

Innovative Carbide can purchase scrap material such as carbide solids, preform parts and carbide sludge from any manufacturer. We can either send your company a check or credit your account towards future purchases from Innovative Carbide. For more information, contact us directly to learn more.