Carbide Manufacturing Process

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Manufacturing Process

At Innovative Carbide, manufacturing is a thorough and exacting process where strict attention to detail ensures the highest-level quality from conception to the finished tungsten carbide preform part.

Powder Mixing

Innovative Carbide’s exclusive no-wax process gives us a technological advantage over conventional tungsten carbide manufacturing. Our industry-leading powder mixing system produces a carbide powder that is unmatched in its uniformity and consistency.


Our blended powders are isostatically pressed into billets then shaped into a wide variety of shapes in our production department.


Innovative Carbide’s CNC-controlled production gives us the flexibility and accuracy to provide a full spectrum of carbide products for numerous industrial applications from rectangular blanks to stamping blades, to nozzles, valves, and bushings.


Although our no-wax process precludes the need for sinter-hip (hot-isostatic pressing), the process is available upon request. Our computer-control capabilities ensure furnace vacuum and temperature accuracy, which translate to optimum physical properties through various sintering cycles.

Quality Control

Our ISO-certified manufacturing process guarantees material quality, consistency, and traceability. Metallographic optical microscope evaluation ensures that our customers receive the highest-quality carbide in the industry.